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Andy’s Answers: Word of mouth vs. PR

There’s always a lot of discussion as to how word of mouth is really PR and how PR is really word of mouth. But in fact, they’re not the same, and they involve different processes. Though they both have their place, and you’ll often see that the best PR folks have fantastic word of mouth, and the best WOM marketers have amazing PR.

WOM vs. PR:

  • PR gets reporters to talk. PR is designed to get reporters to talk about you and your stuff. It’s all about targeting the key influencers and helping them share your stuff.
  • WOM gets regular people to talk. Word of mouth focuses on the fans — the regular folks. It’s about directly connecting with them using both online and offline tools.
  • But, it’s the same process. Reporters are looking for the latest news, the mundane details, and the inside information — the same things your fans are looking for. It’s about earning their respect and trust, and rewarding them with the best and the latest.