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Are snow days just for kids?

SmartPulse — our weekly reader poll in Smartbrief on Workforce — tracks feedback from leading managers and HR practitioners. We run the poll question each Wednesday in our e-newsletter.

Last week, we asked: What is your policy on snow days?

  • The office is always open. If you can’t make it in, take a day off, 38%
  • The office is always open. If you can’t make it in, you should work from home, 24%
  • The office sometimes closes. You are still expected to work as you can from home, 22%
  • The office sometimes closes. Take the day off, 17%

This question was on my mind last Friday as I seemingly spent the day with thousands of New York City schoolchildren who had the day off due to the snow. It looks like a solid 60% of companies leave the judgment call on commuting to work up to the employee, and a majority allow the employee to take the day off without the obligation to work from home. So if you work for one of the few that allows you to take the day off on a snow day, enjoy building that snowman. The next place you work could have you in front of your computer monitor.

Lance Haun is community director for, the main guy over at and a member of the SmartBrief on Workforce Advisory Board.

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