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Are you applying an integrated approach to your social media strategy?

Today’s guest post is from Morgan Witt, senior strategist at Red Door Interactive and member of our SmartBrief on Social Media Advisory Board.

Want to start building a community on Twitter and Facebook to give customers new ways to connect with your brand? Have an e-mail marketing program? Here’s how Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes, a Red Door client, executed their foray into the social media.

  1. Souplantation knew that a great deal of their customers have created strong bonds on Twitter and Facebook. So it made sense for their brand to be there.
  2. Souplantation knew that the majority of people subscribed to their e-mail list “Club Veg” would most likely be on social networks.
  3. Souplantation set up a Twitter account and a Facebook Fan Page and began connecting with customers.
  4. Souplantation promoted the ability to connect on Twitter and Facebook by adding callouts to connect on their website and as standard links in their email marketing templates.
  5. Souplantation developed interactive promotional campaigns that were cross promoted through e-mail and social media to drive conversions.

The results: In the first month, Souplantation boasted more than 800 followers on Twitter and 450 fans on Facebook. The company’s Valentine’s Day social media promotional campaign, where individuals were invited to tell Souplantation via Twitter, just what made their “Sweetie so Sweet,” resulted in a 12% conversion rate, with people either purchasing a gift card, conducting a location search, or opting in for the “Club Veg” e-mail newsletter.

Are you integrating e-mail marketing and social media to give customers more ways to connect with your brand?

Photo credit, iStock