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Are you selling your soul by staying in a bad job?

“Life’s too short — no job is worth selling your soul,” wrote Dan McCarthy in part 1 of his five-part series of blog posts on career advice.

This is a lesson I learned early on in my career and one that I have applied more than once. I’ve had more than one job that I could feel crushing my soul each day as I sat there doing my work. Anyone who has had that feeling knows how awful it is.

I don’t work well under such miserable conditions, so I’ve learned that when things get that bad, it’s time for me to get moving on to something else. For now, I’m fortunate that philosophy has brought me to a job I love.

I know plenty of other people who aren’t so lucky. But I don’t think that luck is their primary problem. For most of these people, it’s an unwillingness to get up and go look for something different, something that could easily be better.

I’m not saying quit the job that’s paying the bills and devote yourself to finding a new one. In this economy that could be financial suicide. But there are jobs available out there and there’s nothing stopping you from looking for them and applying while you keep plugging along at your unpleasant job to pay the bills. Start looking for postings online. Get out and network. Be proactive in trying to find a job that doesn’t crush your soul and sap your will to live.

Are you selling your soul by staying in a bad job? If so, why?

Have you improved your life by going out and getting a new job? How did you do it? How has it changed your life for the better?

Image credit, Cimmerian via iStock