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CME Group touts strengths in agriculture, finance, energy industries

CME Group’s latest marketing effort focuses on the global energy, financial and agricultural markets, highlighting how the exchange group empowers customers in these industries with the capabilities to effectively manage risk and maximize opportunities.

One of CME Group’s recent successes is in the cocoa futures market. Since launching its euro-denominated cocoa contract three weeks ago, CME Group has traded more than triple what Intercontinental Exchange has transacted. Volume was 1,562 contracts, compared with 463 traded by ICE.

In the energy markets, a more traditional area where CME Group is looking to help businesses manage risk is oil prices. The exchange’s OpenMarkets news and analysis website published a piece this week that dives into how businesses could have utilized derivatives to help weather the recent plunge in oil prices.

CME Group has also added content to its microsite — —  providing the latest insights into global market trends based on industry data. Graphical illustrations on the site detail trends in worldwide food production, the energy industry and finance.

Contributing writer: John Davis