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Did Yelp benefit from social media hype surrounding its IPO? Find out in “Future of Engagement”!

You’d have more money than Yelp’s made in eight years if you picked up a penny off the sidewalk. Yet you wouldn’t get a single investor if your penny-picking-up business were to go public on the stock market.

Despite this, Yelp got a lot of positive social media buzz before and during its initial public offering last week, and its closing price was almost 60% higher than its opening price. In this episode of “Future of Engagement,” host Murray Newlands examines the social media response to Yelp’s IPO and whether this caused Yelp’s stock price to jump.



  • Yelp is 8 years old and isn’t profitable …
  • But it received a lot of positive social media coverage when it announced its IPO …
  • And its stock price rose from $15 to almost $25 during the trading day.








Graphs courtesy of Alerti Social Media Monitoring and Management