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E-mail in a Web 2.0 world

Niche media isn’t all about blogs.

While it may behoove us to say this, since the core business of SmartBrief is targeted, industry-based e-mail newsletters, it’s true that e-mail has several distinct characteristics as a medium of information and advertising — not least of which is the fact that it’s pushed in front of opt-in subscribers. Rather than wait to come up in search, get Digged, picked up by Boing-Boing or Techmeme, e-mail content goes straight to the reader.

So swallow that grain of salt, and check out this industry profile from MarketingSherpa that looks at three leading e-mail content aggregators — Custom Briefings, FierceMarkets and, yes, SmartBrief — and the e-newsletter strategies that work.

The e-mail experts’ take on social media? The proliferation of information via blogs, social networking sites, RSS and mobile makes the need for filtering and analysis even more critical. The trick is delivering the best stuff and making it sharable.

Photo credit, Chris Messina