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Expanding digital access in schools

In a recent survey, readers of SmartBrief on EdTech expressed their support for the Obama administration’s goal to expand high-speed Internet in the nation’s schools over the next five years.

More than 75% responded that they support the initiative, while about 9% said the goal may be out of reach and another 15% felt there are more pressing issues to deal with in education.

About 11% of respondents said the initiative would better prepare their school or district to implement new online tests under the common core, and 8% expect to benefit from increased access to online professional development resources.

However, a majority more than 80% of respondents said they expect high-speed Internet to allow their school or district to be better able to use technology in the classroom, particularly through the use of tablet computers.

Do you support Pres. Barack Obama’s goal of expanding high-speed Internet access to public schools across the country over the next five years?

  • Yes, the sooner the better: 75.47%
  • No, there are more pressing priorities in education: 15.09%
  • It is a valid goal, but it may be unattainable: 9.43%

How would the expansion of high-speed Internet to the nation’s schools most benefit your school or district?

  • Increased feasibility of classroom technology use: 80.65%
  • Improved capability to implement online testing: 11.29%
  • Better access to online professional development for educators: 8.06%

With the potential expansion of high-speed Internet to schools, what type of devices will students be better able to use in the classroom?

  • Tablets: 58.49%
  • Laptops: 25.47%
  • Desktops: 5.66%
  • Smartphones: 5.66%
  • Classroom tools, such as interactive whiteboards and clicker systems: 4.72%

How do you expect your school or district to benefit from this initiative?

Katharine Haber is an associate editor for SmartBrief, writing and editing content about a variety of topics in education.