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Honolulu, Dayton among cities most-affected by the government shutdown

As the federal government continues to furlough many of its workers through the shutdown, it is no surprise that the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area is most affected by the shutdown, according to a new story map from Esri and With 18.5% of the city’s local wages paid to federal employees, D.C. is feeling the sting of the political stalemate, but there are some other, less-expected cities that are feeling it, too.

Not-so-unexpected are the three Maryland cities that are next on the list and the Virginia cities that follow them. Bethesda, Rockville and Frederick, Md., see 12.6% of local wages paid to federal employees, and Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Newport News, Va., aren’t far behind with 11.8% of wages going to federal workers.

But the fourth and fifth most-affected cities are Honolulu, Hawaii, and Dayton, Ohio. Out of Honolulu’s population of almost 1 million, 11.2% work for the federal government. Dayton boasts nearly 900,000 residents, 10.1% of whom are federal employees.

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Rounding out Esri’s top 10 cities most affected by the government shutdown are El Paso, Texas, Colorado Springs, Colo., Oklahoma City, Okla., Albuquerque, N.M., and Bakersfield and Delano, Calif.