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How are schools meeting the needs of the whole child?

There are many factors involved in a child’s ability and availability to learn, some of which lie outside the realm of traditional academic ability. From their general health and nutrition to their social and emotional well-being, these factors are considered part of educating the whole child and increasingly are being addressed within the school walls.

With this in mind, SmartBrief on EdTech recently polled readers about the topic, finding that a solid majority of respondents believe it is very important that schools take steps to address the needs of the whole child. However, more than half of respondents believe that their school or district is falling short on effectively meeting these needs. In addition, respondents offered some insight about the types of technology — online anti-bulling and support programs, fitness trackers and other tools — being used in support of their school or district’s whole-child mission.

Here is a breakdown of the poll results:

How important is it for schools to address the needs of the whole child — from nutrition to physical education and emotional well-being?

  • Very important — 79.39%
  • Somewhat important — 12.21%
  • Not very important – 6.87%
  • Not important at all –1.53%

How well does your school or district currently address the nonacademic needs — from nutrition to physical education and emotional well-being — of its students?

  • Somewhat well — 50.72%
  • Not very well — 28.99%
  • Very well — 14.49%
  • Not at all – 5.8%

What type of technology-based resources are used in your school or district to support the needs of the whole child?

  • Other tech-based resources — 40%
  • Online anti-bullying and support programs — 26.67%
  • Fitness trackers — 26.67%
  • Online meal-planning tools – 6.67%

How is your school or district working to meet the needs of the whole child? How do you think technology can improve the effectiveness of this mission?

Katharine Haber is an education editor for SmartBrief, writing and editing content about a variety of topics in education.