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How brands can use social media to leverage cause marketing

Since 2009, Earth Day has been a United Nations-recognized holiday to raise environmental awareness and encourage us all to be better stewards of the Earth, and it was celebrated in many parts of the world before that. Even President Barack Obama gave a speech about Earth Day and the environment. In “Future of Engagement,” host Murray Newlands looks at how companies used the publicity surrounding Earth Day to improve their branding.


  • Even brands that aren’t typically associated with environmentalism use Earth Day as a chance to burnish their brand, tout their environmental accomplishments and even do a little good by raising money.
  • Brands can use causes to enhance their humanity.
  • Talking with fans about their causes is a great way to get them talking to you.
  • Events such as AIDS Day and various disease benefits can also be good touchstones for brands looking to start a conversation and do some good.

Image credit: Social media monitoring tool Alerti