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How many tweets does it take…

Does anyone really know how many tweets make for a successful corporate Twitter strategy?

I’m hardly the first to touch on this subject, but with the meteoric rise of Twitter over the past few months, the frequency question is more relevant than ever. When first jumping on Twitter, many “get the bug” and tweet nearly everything they hear and see. Soon they find that the more they tweet, retweet and reply to others, the more followers they get. A dangerous realization, especially when many are desperately looking for new customers. Regardless of the drive to hit 1, 2, 3, 10,000 followers, we can’t allow ourselves to focus too heavily on just one channel — and we have to be just as careful not to misuse it.

Organizations and companies can reach infinitely more people by tweeting all day, but doing so often dilutes the content that’s in line with the company mission. It’s a tired retread in the world of media, but here it is once again: It’s about quality not quantity. As Twitter’s search and other applications continue to develop, users will find it easier to filter out noise and self-select whom to pay attention to. We all have limited time and are looking for value.

There’s no question a human face on a brand, company or agency can help you connect on Twitter, but are we delivering value or just making noise? As Twitter matures, audiences will too. When potential customers are identifying whom to pay attention to, do we want them to know we enjoyed Slumdog Millionaire or that we introduced a new product?

Photo Credit, wilhei55