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Infographic: 5 things every brand marketer should know about reaching consumers in Latin America

Brands, agencies and startups from across the globe are quickly taking note of Latin America’s digital growth and the opportunity to capture scale from this market.

Here are the five things that every brand marketers planning their expansion into this fastest growing Internet economy should know:

  1. Latin America has the fastest growing Internet population in the world. Now is the time for brands to tap into this engaged audience.
  2. Nearly 64% of the Internet population is 34 or younger. Creating relationships between brands and Latin America’s younger audience now will result pay huge dividends in the future.
  3. Social media is booming in Latin America and it is where the majority of the population spending its time online. Brand marketers must tailor content, programs and advertising investment to the networks where LatAm consumers are highly engaged.
  4. The future of ecommerce in Latin America looks very bright. If it is a core part of your business, start taking the necessary steps to get up and running in the region.
  5. Phone and tablet use in Latin America is exploding. Tap into the second screen’s always-on dynamic and make sure that your campaigns are platform agnostic and mobile-friendly.

My company, IMS, put together an infographic, which you can find below, highlighting the nuances and opportunities for brands that are planning their global expansion to Latin America.

IMS is currently working with brands including Twitter, Netflix and Waze to help them scale and monetize in the LatAm region. For more information, visit our website.

This post is by Gaston Taratuta, CEO and founder of IMS.

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