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Insight from the Content Marketing Summit: The Three S Model for Content Success

This article is Part 1 of a four-part series. Check out Part 2, which features a deeper look at making content searchable; Part 3, which looks at creating snackable content; and Part 4, which delves into what makes content shareable.

As the consumer becomes more accustomed to immediate access to information, marketers are faced with a mounting challenge: how to capture attention and improve engagement. Competition is fierce: On average, individuals receive more than 3,000 brand impressions each day. At the Content Marketing Summit last month in Chicago, leading marketers including Leslie Resier of IBM, Travis Wright of Norton by Symantec and Jon Morris of Rise Interactive discussed content-marketing strategies for cutting through the noise.

All three agreed that to succeed in the evolving digital landscape, marketers must create content that is easy to find and consume and compelling enough for the consumer to share with a larger audience. We at Skyword like to refer to this approach as the Three S Model for Content Success: Searchable, Snackable and Sharable.

  • Searchable content captures the passion and pain points of the consumer and is optimized with trending keywords, boosting the content’s search ranking.
  • Snackable content is made for the on-the-go consumer who needs answers to questions in a moment’s notice. When done right, snackable content leaves the consumer hungry and eager to come back for more.
  • Shareable content serves as the root of discussion across social channels. This content is compelling enough for readers to share with their network of friends and followers.

The infographic aims to further your understanding of these content dimensions and strengthen your content strategy accordingly.

What are your thoughts on this approach? What tips do you have for creating searchable, snackable and sharable content in 2013? Share your thoughts in the comments, or drop Skyword a line on Twitter or LinkedIn.

The post is by Patricia Travaline, vice president of marketing at Skyword. Follow her on Twitter @travwin.