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KFC shares Colonel Sanders stories via social networks

With thousands of Twitter followers and millions of Facebook “likes,” KFC has built a solid relationship with its customers and increased its fan base. We spoke with Rick Maynard, KFC’s public relations manager, to find out how the company has cultivated its brand on social networks and how KFC plans to keep it up this year. An edited version of that conversation follows.

How is KFC using Twitter and other social-media forms to connect with consumers?

KFC uses the @kfc_colonel Twitter presence to connect with fans in a genuine way, consistent with our “Tastes So Good” brand position. The KFC Twitter feed is popular because it’s fun, it’s not overly sales-focused, and we’ve made a commitment to a real dialogue with our followers. It’s more interesting for our fans – and for us – if it’s a real two-way communication and not just their reading what we want them to read. (And of course it helps that we give away free chicken now and then.)

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