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Lighting up

Last week, we asked SmartBrief on Workforce readers: Should employers restrict workers’ smoking habits?

Their response:

  • Yes, smoking should be banned indoors in the workplace – 47%
  • Yes, smoking should be banned everywhere on the property, indoors and out – 35%
  • No, people should be able to smoke whenever and wherever they want if it doesn’t interfere with their jobs or bother those around them – 10%
  • Yes, employers should refuse to hire those who smoke – 6%
  • Other – 2%

Wow. I knew the tide had long since turned against smoking indoors, but a significant chunk of the managers and HR officials who responded to our poll don’t think people should be able to smoke anywhere on work property. And many employers (including the federal government) are furthering their restrictions. I wonder if it’s primarily a health concern or more about image.

Six percent of you said that employers should refuse to hire smokers. Given the burden on health-care plans they can create, I can see see why.

What do you think? Do employers have the right to lay down rules about worker’s smoking habits when they are off the clock?

Photo credit, DJenan

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