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Live from #SHRM10: Rosetta Stone’s Duane Sider on the growing importance of language skills

I’m reporting live from the Society for Human Resource Management’s annual conference out in San Diego this week, and I met with Duane Sider, the director of learning for Rosetta Stone. I sat down with Sider to talk about some of the trends in hiring, career development and language skills.

Some of his observations:

  • The need for bilingual employees means more companies are willing to look at international candidates to find the right hire.
  • Providing language training and incentives can be a powerful retention tool — and a way to control costs in the long run.
  • Don’t ignore employees with limited English skills. Many companies look at non-English-proficient workers and see the cost of training them, but the reality is that their skills in another language may make them even more valuable in the long run.

Watch our full interview with Duane, as well as other conversations with HR thoughtleaders from Smartbrief’s video series with


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