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Moving from managing to leading: Building your authentic leadership style

The higher you go, the harder it is to advance because you’re in more competitive territory. You have to stand out and offer something unique. Your best leadership asset at the top is your authentic leadership style — the one that gives you energy instead of draining you and the one that makes you effective at all times with all audiences.

If your authentic leadership style isn’t obvious to everyone who meets you, you have work to do to build your Invisible Resume that helps you land the executive job — and then succeed once you’re there.

In this three-part video series, I’ve covered several diverse aspects of your Invisible Leadership Resume, your global perspective, your leadership presence and, below, your authentic leadership style.

Part III: Build your authentic leadership style

The secret to developing an authentic leadership style is that you have to develop it yourself and take full responsibility for it. In the video, I give an example of a small thing that set off a big change for a client of mine and started her toward developing her authentic — and powerful — style. Your authentic style is a key part of your Invisible Resume, and building it is a lifelong journey. I hope you’ll join me in a free webinar May 30 to start building your Invisible Resume today.