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Nick Khin, on how to succeed internationally while balancing your personal life

This post was written by SmartBrief’s Doris Nhan.

At the 10th annual Global Gaming Expo, Liz DeHoff, editor for AGA SmartBrief, spoke with Nick Khin, president of the Americas for Aristocrat Technologies, to discuss Aristocrat’s successful international expansion, its projections for the U.S. market and what skills employees must have to succeed in the business. Some key thoughts:

  • Aristocrat, based in Australia, recently launched Play to Win, a business transformation program focused on building the right products for the right region. Khin said the company is looking to cultivate feedback from both its players and operators as a means to “try to be everything to everyone.”
  • The company’s biggest challenge is North America, which is still recovering from the economic recession. Yet Khin pins the region as the most optimistic for the future. While Aristocrat’s overall regional market share hovers around 14%, Khin says two-thirds of the company’s profitability comes from this region, and it’s the place to be once economic conditions improve.
  • The ability to balance your work and your personal life is fundamental to being an executive in an international space. Technological advances mean it’s easy to always be “on,” but those who can manage to be “off” will likely succeed.