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Poll: How well are schools prepared for crisis situations?

What measures are schools taking to manage emergencies and ensure the safety of their students and staff? Do teachers feel prepared to handle crisis situations? We proposed these questions to SmartBrief on EdTech readers this month to get a better sense of what’s in place at their campuses.

Eighty-one percent of readers say their schools routinely conduct emergency response and lockdown drills. Among the tools used to ensure a safe environment, 54% use communication and alarm systems as well as emergency notification systems. Only 10% use in-class safety-devices, 10% have on-campus safety officers and 3% use access-control systems, weapons detectors and surveillance equipment.

Interestingly, fewer than half of respondents — 42% — say they feel properly trained to handle crisis and lockdown situations. Thirty-one percent say they feel “somewhat” trained while 26% say they don’t feel prepared.

Take a look at the full results:

Are emergency response and lockdown drills conducted regularly with students and teachers?

  • Yes: 81%
  • No: 19%

Do you feel properly trained to handle crisis and lockdown situations?

  • Yes: 42%
  • No: 26%
  • Somewhat: 31%

What tools, strategies and services is your school or district using to ensure a safe environment?

  • In-class safety devices: 10%
  • Communication and alarm systems, emergency notification systems: 54%
  • On-campus safety officers: 10%
  • Access control systems, weapons detectors, surveillance equipment: 3%
  • All of the above: 5%
  • Some of the above: 14%
  • None of the above: 5%

What is your school or district doing to improve safety and security? Are you going high-tech or more low-tech? Drop us a line and let us know.