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Robin Schooling on how to foster a corporate learning environment

This post was written by SmartBrief’s Doris Nhan.

SmartBrief senior editor Mary Ellen Slayter reported live from this year’s annual SHRM conference, where she spoke with Robin Schooling, the vice president of human resources for the Louisiana Lottery Corp. Robin sat down to discuss how she and her team developed a successful learning environment in their workplace. How she did it:

  • Robin and her team began by building on what they had, then creating more. They reinforced existing certification and training programs, while adding new ideas to the table.
  • Next, they created a business library where employees could share books. They also built online training portals, held webinars and a lunch learning series.
  • They supplemented these additions with an updated performance evaluation system.
  • Their results? “Our employees were much more engaged, really stepped up to the plate [and] grew their own personal development,” Robin said.

Watch the full video here, as well as other conversations with HR thought leaders from Smartbrief’s video series with


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