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Share a story of interview insanity for a chance to win an iPod

As a college junior, I set my sights on participating in my university’s study/intern-in-Washington program. Word on campus was that the program was quite selective, particularly for students like me who were applying from outside of the school of public policy, so I took great pains to prepare and put on my most professional 20-year-old face.

Not long after sitting down in front of the three-member interview panel, one of the the panelists seriously tested my composure and professionalism. On his large, shiny forehead he had a scab, which he scratched, dragging blood across his brow. As the meeting went on he kept touching his head and making the bloody smear worse and worse. I didn’t know whether to laugh or vomit, but he showed no sign that he was aware of the situation.

Luckily, I kept it together and made it to Washington, D.C., to intern at the National Park Service and study public policy, a step that definitely contributed to getting me where I am today. As a bonus, I got a story to tell.

I know it’s not the funniest interview story, but it’s the best I’ve got. If you have something better, then you’re in luck! BriteTab online resume service is giving away an iPod Nano with built-in video camera to one lucky employee with a hilarious tale of interview insanity. Share your Interview Follies and read other people’s. Even if you don’t win the iPod, you’ll get some free comic relief.

Image credit, Mlenny via iStock