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Survey: Majority of investment professionals think outcome of Obama vs. Romney will affect U.S., global economies

The majority of investment professionals think the presidential election will affect both the U.S. and global economic recovery, the CFA Institute reported in a recent survey. According to the results, 80% of the more than 2,600 members who responded think the outcome of the election will affect the U.S. recovery, while 63% of respondents said they think the election will affect the global economic recovery.

Half of all respondents think the impact on the U.S. economic recovery will depend on who wins the election. Meanwhile, 29% think there will be an impact regardless of who wins.

A full 20% of all respondents think the result of the election will not have any impact on the recovery of the U.S. economy.

The survey also provided some insight into the thinking of members of the C-suite, with 72% of C-level executives thinking the election will affect the global economic recovery, compared to 62% of respondents who hold other titles.

Work experience also seemed to affect respondents’ views, with those who have been working as investment professionals for more than 20 years proving more likely to believe the Nov. 6 election will affect economic recovery.

The CFA Institute, an international association for investment professionals, surveyed 2,662 members. About one-third of respondents each have been in the investment industry for more than 20 years, between 11 and 20 years and at most 10 years. Most members who responded to the survey are C-suite executives, consultants, portfolio managers and research analysts.