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Today’s bonus tracks: 7 tips to help keep valued employees on board

Unless you’re aiming to whittle down the size of your work force, employee retention is probably one of your primary goals because when employees depart in search of new opportunities outside your company, your business takes a hit to its finances and productivity levels. Lucky for you, there is plenty you can do to keep your employees happy and make them want to stick with your company. Jim Stroud of “The Recruiters Lounge” offers seven strategies companies can employ to boost retention. My favorite: No. 4 “Be an effective, ethical leader.”

It can’t be said often enough, “Employees don’t leave bad companies — they leave bad bosses.” Not only do you have to be a good boss, but you need to make sure that other supervisors in the company are doing the same. It only takes one bad boss to lose several good employees.

Photo credit, ferrantraite via iStock