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Today’s bonus tracks: Do onboarding well or risk the rapid loss of your recruits

Turnover costs companies plenty and most are looking for ways to keep rates in check. One HR expert suggests that strong onboarding programs for new employees are the key to stopping the loss of employees early on in their tenure.

I’m with her on that. At one job I couldn’t wait to leave there was virtually no onboarding program of any sort. I spent much of my time at that job being made to feel bad for not knowing things that no one ever told me — information that could easily have been included in an onboarding program. It’s impossible for a new employee to know what he or she is supposed to be doing, how the company culture works, how to get problems resolved and more if they don’t receive a proper orientation.

Bottom line: Even the most qualified new hires can’t be expected to know much, if anything, about the way your company does things, if you don’t tell them. And if they are lost and confused, they won’t want to stay long.

Image credit, contour99 via iStock