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Today’s bonus tracks: A fine example of what can go wrong when you mix your personal and professional lives

One of the perpetual debates in the work world is whether it’s OK to get romantically involved with one’s co-workers. Some say, “Yes, where else are you going to meet people to date when you spend the bulk of your time at the office?” Others say, “No way, there’s too much potential for drama if the relationship takes a turn for the worse.” In between there’s a gray area roughly the size of a football field.

While some companies have tried to eliminate romantic relationships using bureaucratic rules, employees still find¬† ways to hook up. The result is a whole host of stories about true love discovered over the fax machine and people who have had to change jobs because they couldn’t stand working with now ex-loves.

Now, Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt, and his estranged wife, the team’s former CEO¬†Jamie McCourt, have added a new tale to the saga, and it’s one that would make anyone think twice about working with someone they’re romantically involved with — even a spouse. After the McCourts started divorce proceedings, he fired her from her CEO position, which led to employment issues going into divorce court.

Photo credit, matejmm via iStock