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Today’s bonus tracks: Majority of managers need lessons in leadership

If you’ve been wondering what went wrong with so many companies during this recession, McKinsey and Company’s recent global survey may have some of the answers you’re looking for. In short, writes John Baldoni, it was a breakdown in leadership — primarily due to managers and executives who simply don’t understand what it means to lead.

But, if they don’t know how to lead, how did they rise to their current positions? As unbelievable as it sounds, the survey results are clear and I’m not sure we should be all that surprised.

Who out there hasn’t worked under — either directly or further down the ladder — a manager or executive who wasn’t really leading? Think of the boss who seems to just “boss” you around or the micromanager. They aren’t really leading.

Baldoni has some ideas on how to get managers and executives where they need to be in terms of leadership. What do you think? Is your company taking steps to grow better leaders? Share your thoughts and ideas here.

Image credit, VisualField via iStock