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A tribe of Workers and Thinkers

More than 146 SmartBrief on Workforce readers weighed in on last week’s SmartPulse question: What is your temperament style?

  • Worker – 64 votes, 44%
  • Thinker – 61 votes, 42%
  • Watcher – 15 votes, 10%
  • Walker – 6 votes, 4%

The vast majority of you classified yourself as either Workers or Thinkers, under the taxonomy created in John Boe’s article, Principles of Persuasion. Workers are results oriented, value achievement and fear loss of control. Thinkers are analytical and cautious, valuing accuracy.

These aren’t just nice things to know about yourself; if you think deliberately about your own temperament and those of the people you work closely with, you can dramatically improve communication and productivity in your workplace.