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Is Twitter past its marketing prime?

Twitter is hugely successful — but that phenomenal growth may be hurting its potential as a marketing platform, argues Dan Schawbel in the lead item from today’s SmartBrief on Social Media.

Schawbel writes that the impact of each individual tweet diminishes as Twitter gets more users and each user follows more and more people. With everyone’s feeds becoming increasingly crowded, the odds that any given tweet will have an impact become smaller and smaller, he writes.

Of course, Schawbel writes that Twitter still has plenty of other business applications — he notes that it’s still great for research, recruitment and customer service, among other tasks. But the network’s days of being a easy way to generate buzz may be gone forever.

Are Twitter’s best days as a marketing platform behind it?  Is there any way for the network to restore its effectiveness as a buzz engine?

Image credit, Dmitry Nikolaev, via Shutterstock