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This week: SmartBrief and Switch & Shift series on workplace morale

In February, SmartBrief’s SmartBlog on Leadership and the folks at Switch & Shift combined for 31 posts in a quest to help people in business improve their communication. This week, we turn to workplace morale. Starting today, both sites will be posting all week, with the SmartBrief on Leadership newsletter linking you to some of the best posts starting Tuesday, June 10, through next Monday.

Keep track of the series here, including the full list of contributors.

What’s the series about? Well, we all are familiar with the unfortunate realities of today’s workplace. Yet what we don’t promote enough are those who are making work joyful, meaningful, worthy of the time devoted to employees’ craft. So in the spirit of promoting what works for businesses regarding workplace morale, Switch & Shift and SmartBrief want to positively exploit the ideas or those companies who are doing workplace morale right by creating amazing cultures that yield tremendous results. We can learn from those who are doing workplace morale right.