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What are people saying about your company’s application process?

Chances are, if people are thinking something, at least some of them are also writing it online. Steve Boese explains how this is happening in the world of hiring practices with an example of higher education history academics and an online forum they use to discuss the ins and outs of their adventures in applying for jobs in the field. He goes on to explain how these online conversations can hurt and help employers.

You must pay attention to what people are saying online about your company’s application and hiring processes. When negative comments come up, you can — as Boese recommends — get online and post information that answers questions and addresses concerns. You also can take the posts as constructive criticism and use them as a starting point for improving your hiring process.

Do you know what people are saying online about your company’s hiring process? Have you used online comments to help improve the process?

Image credit, pagadesign via iStock