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What does it take to ready students for college and career?

Cultural sensitivity, social and emotional development and a future-ready learning environment are all critical to equipping students for college and career, according to this month’s poll series in SmartBrief on EdTech. We asked readers to chime in on what matters when it comes to readying students for life after K-12.

Seventy-one percent of readers polled said that a global education emphasizing cultural awareness and human rights for all is “very important” to preparing students to succeed in college, career and civic life. Eighty-three percent report that social and emotional learning is essential.

Learning environment matters as well. “Future-ready” schools aim to provide students with the knowledge, skills and experience needed to function in a digital world. SmartBrief on EdTech readers say that infrastructure and job-embedded professional development are the most important factors in creating this type of environment.

Here are the full results from our survey:

How important is global education–instruction designed to promote cultural awareness and the pursuit of human rights for all–in preparing students for college, career and civic life?

  • Very important: 71%
  • Important: 14%
  • Moderately important: 11%
  • Not a priority: 4%

How important is social and emotional learning in preparing students for college, career and civic life?

  • Very important: 83%
  • Important: 14%
  • Moderately important: 2%
  • Not a priority: 1%

Which of the following is most important for creating and supporting “future-ready schools”?

  • Infrastructure–with sufficient bandwidth–and devices: 25%
  • Job-embedded professional development: 27%
  • Assessment and accountability measures: 1%
  • A supportive leadership culture: 21%
  • Curriculum and resources: 19%
  • Community partnerships: 8%

What are your thoughts? What interesting college and career readiness programs is your school or district doing? Let us know your thoughts. Drop us a line at