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What you might have missed last week on SmartBlog on Education

SmartBlog on Education marked its first full week, from June 25 to 29, with commentaries from educators and thought leaders, as well as coverage of the International Society for Technology in Education’s annual conference, ISTE 2012.

Here’s what you might have missed.

  • “Seeds of change in 21st-century education,” by Adam Bellow
    • “While I can’t say with certainty what the next 87-plus years will look like, I feel confident that certain important shifts have begun and will continue so that learners of today are making the most of their educational experiences and the society in which they live.”
  • “Becoming a 21st-century elementary principal,” by Peter DeWitt
    • “With increased mandates, pressure from high-stakes testing, Common Core State Standards, and teacher and administrator evaluation, the principal’s role is facing more accountability than ever before.”
  • “Snapshot of a modern learner,” by Mike Fisher
    • “Santos knows where to find information. He does not necessarily discern what information is relevant, and he doesn’t necessarily know what he needs to learn from the information. But he knows where it lives: everywhere.”