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Instagram, Facebook changes and what they mean for marketers

SCOUT's Social Bark
(Image credit: SCOUT)

The big news in social media last month was the debut of Instagram’s Stories feature, which is a blatant copy of an identically named offering by Snapchat. But the key differences between the two may make Instagram’s version more appealing to brand marketers.

Instagram’s version allows publishers to save the story, enabling managers to seek approval for content and use elements of the video story as a traditional Instagram post. In addition, viewers can rewind content. Brands can use Instagram Stories to share personalized messages, offer exclusive behind-the-stage access and publish influencer content.

In the meantime, Facebook made some updates that will affect marketers, including advanced matching of the Facebook pixel that should improve ad optimization and measurement.

To read about that and more updates to Facebook, check out the latest issue of SCOUT’s Social Bark. The slide presentation also covers how to develop an effective hashtag strategy and statistics about millennials and their buying patterns.