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Leadership effectiveness (or its absence) starts at the top

Culture Leadership Charge for SmartBrief October 2016 on Vimeo

What is your leadership team’s “reason for being” today? Whether your organization is a small business, a global multinational, a division of a larger company, or anything in between, your leadership team has a focus, whether it’s formalized or not.

The vast majority of leadership teams I observe see their primary focus as boosting results, helping the organization’s products and services find success in the marketplace.

Results are a good thing, but delivering promised results is only half the leader’s job. The other half? Creating workplace sanity, creativity, and trust, between and among leaders, team members, and customers, every day.

When I’m brought in to help leaders craft a purposeful, positive, productive culture, I start by looking at the organization’s leadership team — how it operates, what it values, how leaders treat each other, and more. Why? Because senior leaders create their organization’s culture, for better or worse.

The culture of the organization typically mirrors the culture of the senior leadership team. By asking that team to examine how healthy their team culture is and helping that team boost the effectiveness of their culture, leaders have a greater likelihood they’ll effectively lead the culture change they desire.

Watch this short episode of my Culture Leadership Charge video series to learn more.

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