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Top 10: Amazon makes grocery plans, Arby’s tests venison sandwiches

Amazon makes grocery plans
(Image credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

Amazon’s potential plan to open a series of Amazon Fresh grocery stores was this week’s most-clicked story, and readers were also drawn to news that Wegmans and Publix were ranked among Fortune’s Top 15 Places to Work in Retail. Arby’s test of venison sandwiches in select locations caught readers’ attention, as did the trend among millennials to spend their grocery dollars in a variety of channels rather than focusing solely on traditional groceries.

SmartBrief readers were also interested in news about Harvest Hill Beverage Company’s purchase of the beverage arm of Faribault Foods and a story about how Trader Joe’s and Costco helped bring back a beloved bakery brand.

Rounding out the top 10 list this week were grocery, candy and beverage stories, such as the news that Safeway will acquire G&G Supermarkets, the debut of new Hershey bite-size Crunchers bars and Coca-Cola’s announcement that the brand will be cutting sugar in its carbonated beverages.  

Check out this week’s full top 10 list:

  1. Amazon may open 2,000 branded grocery stores by 2026  
  2. Wegmans, Publix among top retail places to work
  3. Arby’s to test venison sandwiches
  4. Millennials look beyond traditional grocery stores   
  5. Juicy Juice parent co. acquires Faribault Foods’ beverage business     
  6. Trader Joe’s, Costco help bring back a bakery brand
  7. Exec: Amazon believes customers want grocery service
  8. Safeway to acquire G&G Supermarkets in Calif.   
  9. Hershey to debut bite-size Crunchers line in March  
  10. Coca-Cola reducing sugar in carbonated beverage line     


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