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Top 10: Kraft Heinz, The French Laundry and the annual Beard awards

Top 10: Kraft Heinz, The French Laundry and the annual Beard awards
(Image credit: Flickr/Kevin Tao)

A mix of restaurant, retail and consumer-product goods stories proved most popular with SmartBrief’s food and  beverage readers this week, led by Kraft Heinz’ short-lived $143 billion bid to buy CPG giant Unilever and a second story about the growth areas that Kraft Heinz is focused on. Wal-Mart’s new convenience store prototype in the parking lot of a full-service Wal-Mart store in Texas grabbed attention, as did food maker Mondelez’ plans for a new snack line made without artificial and genetically modified ingredients.

In restaurant news, the most-read story was the tale of the new $10 million kitchen at The French Laundry in California, where kitchen staff had been cooking in temporary digs for about four years. The remodeled space was created with function in mind, from the higher counters to the smaller, more-efficient refrigerators. The annual story identifying the new crop of semifinalists for the coveted James Beard Foundation awards won readers, along with the news of straw innovation at McDonald’s.

Read the entire Top 10 list:

  1. Kraft Heinz makes $143B offer for Unilever
  2. Kraft Heinz puts focus on 5 key growth categories
  3. The French Laundry’s remodeled kitchen combines form, function
  4. Beard Foundation names 2017 semifinalists
  5. McDonald’s builds social buzz with space-age straw
  6. Mondelez to debut clean-label snack line in July
  7. Inside Wal-Mart’s new Texas convenience store
  8. Nestle CEO foresees acquisition opportunities in 3 categories
  9. Wendy’s creates proprietary soda line
  10. General Mills COO reveals 4 units showing “tailwinds”


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