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Kraft Heinz’s acquisition outlook, ALDI’s prices, Chick-fil-A’s new sandwich

Kraft Heinz's acquisition outlook, ALDI's prices, Chick-fil-A's new sandwich
(Image credit: Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images)

The news that Kraft Heinz CEO Bernardo Hees has his eye on creative, broad-based acquisition targets was the most popular story among SmartBrief’s food and beverage readers this week. ALDI CEO Jason Hart’s statement that the grocery chain’s prices are 21% lower than its lowest-priced competitors’ prices also struck a chord with readers, and so did the announcement that Chick-fil-A will be launching a Smokehouse BBQ Bacon sandwich this summer.

Also popular among readers was a story about new products being launched from lines such as Green Giant, Little Debbie and Lean Cuisine, news that McDonald’s will be sharing the cost of restaurant upgrades with its franchise partners and a piece about how deep fried soft-boiled eggs can jazz up salads.

Check out the entire list of this week’s Top 10 stories:

  1. Kraft Heinz CEO shares what he looks for in an acquisition 
  2. New products from Green Giant, Little Debbie, Lean Cuisine hit shelves 
  3. ALDI CEO: Our prices are 21% lower than competitors 
  4. Deep fried soft-boiled eggs make excellent salad additions 
  5. McDonald’s offers to split the tab on franchisee upgrade 
  6. Chick-fil-A to debut chef-inspired Smokehouse BBQ Bacon sandwich 
  7. Yili preparing $850M bid to acquire Stonyfield 
  8. Noodles & Co. tests new logo, flavors, features 
  9. CEO: Meal kits, e-commerce, wellness are key for Kroger 
  10. DanoneWave quietly cut fat, sugar without consumers noticing difference 


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