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Bring your best self to every interaction

Best self
(Image credit: Jessica Ruscello/Unsplash)

What do you stand for?

What is your “servant purpose” on this planet? Who are you serving and “to what end” are you toiling? What are your values, the principles that describe what is “right” in your heart, day to day?

Most humans don’t ponder these questions. The answers to these questions can lead one to be their best self daily.

Your best self is when you’re living in alignment with your servant purpose and with your values and behaviors. You serve others nimbly, willingly and kindly, all the time.

Some humans don’t have a “in service to others” purpose. They have a self-serving purpose. Selfish people don’t change their communities for the better. They don’t help others thrive. They care only about themselves.

This world needs people who are in service to others — who boost others up, give credit, and remove frustrations and hurdles to others’ success.

What are your values? What are the principles that guide you daily? If you hold values like integrity, service, excellence, and respect in high regard, take steps to formalize them – so you know exactly what values you’re aspiring to daily.

I outline three steps you can follow to clarify your values and aligned behaviors in this three-minute SmartBrief-exclusive Culture Leadership Charge video. Take three minutes to view this clip. Living your best self — living an aligned, servant purpose-driven life — won’t happen by default. It only happens by design. Don’t wait: Clarify and align to your best self.

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