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Floral-forward honeys offer unique flavors for consumers, chefs

Floral-forward honeys offer unique flavors for consumers, chefs
(Image credit: Buzz + Bloom)

This post is sponsored by Buzz + Bloom.

Once thought of as just a condiment or sweetener, honey is sparking the interest of consumers and chefs who are discovering myriad uses for the sweet stuff.

Honey is derived from the nectar of a wide range of blossoms — including sunflowers, acacia tree flowers and the flowers of mesquite trees — and each type of flower imbues a distinct flavor. For floral-forward honey brand Buzz + Bloom, finding ways to spotlight the flowers, flavors and aroma that make up its honeys is paramount.

“Real honey has natural pollen in it, highlighting the floral essence of the area that the honey originates from,” said John Rzeszut, Buzz + Bloom’s vice president of marketing. “Whether the honey is derived from a lychee fruit tree or fresh citrus groves, Buzz + Bloom carefully preserves the journey from flower to hive to your home, and maintains the highest quality honey on the market.”

Buzz + Bloom is inspired by this honey-making relationship between the honeybee and the flower and offers 14 varietals of honey, each with a unique flavor profile. Light & Sweet, which is made with nectar from lychee fruit trees, possesses a cotton candy flavor that blends nicely into smoothies and teas. The company’s mono-floral Orange Blossom honey offers subtle, earthy undertones with a fresh tangerine finish that works well for baking, salad dressings and meat glazes.

With so many different varietals, restaurants, manufacturers and consumers are finding new ways to use honey in dishes and drinks — from craft beer and cocktails to baked goods and upscale meals.

“Our variety of honeys were designed to demonstrate that not all honey is the same in terms of color or flavor, and that the amazing diversity of honeys can be used in different ways,” Rzeszut said.

Different kinds of honey pair best with certain ingredients based on their flavors and how they complement the floral base notes in the honey. Chefs are using honey to make cocktail syrups, accent cheese plates and add a touch of sweetness to savory dishes, such as a brine for fried chicken.

To make sure the natural flavor of each of its honeys shines through, Buzz + Bloom takes care not to strain out the pollen that is naturally present in floral honeys.

“The vast majority of honey is overheated, over filtered and over processed, stripping honey of its natural pollens and nutrients. We believe that real honey should have natural pollen in it,” Rzeszut said.

“That’s why we only gently strain our honey, ensuring it retains the nutritious benefits of naturally-occurring pollen in all of our floral varieties. We also package our honey at a lower temperature than most supermarket honeys to help maintain the beneficial enzymes and antioxidants that help make honey a true superfood.”

In addition to flowers being at the center of Buzz + Blooms’ honey varietals and the beauty inspiration for their packaging, the company has partnered with the American Community Garden Association to support their efforts to develop and upkeep local gardens across the US.

“Through our partnership, we will supply necessities like seed packets, soil and gardening tools,” Rzeszut said. “We hope to spread awareness about the importance of both community gardens and supporting bees, because a world with more flowers to pollinate is beneficial to honeybees, and adds a touch of beauty to the every day.”


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