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Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods dominates this week’s top 10

Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods dominates this week's top 10
(Image credit: David Ryder/Getty Images)

Amazon finalized its acquisition of Whole Foods this week, and the impact among SmartBrief readers was immediate. Topping the list of most-read food and beverage stories was the news that the company immediately cut prices on some Whole Foods items by as much as 43%. Many Whole Foods shoppers found products like apples, butter, eggs, almond butter and organic lean ground beef all discounted significantly following the acquisition. Stories about the acquisition also won the second and third slots on this week’s top 10 list, including news that one analyst is projecting that Whole Foods will pick up more products made by big food producers, as well as a story about how Amazon will change the landscape at Whole Foods.

SmartBrief readers were also attracted to confectionery stories this week, including one about Leaf Brands’ announcement that it aims to make a bid for Nestle’s US candy unit and another about M&M’s debut of its seasonal Cookies and Screeem flavor.

Restaurant stories also ranked high with readers, who were interested in Caribou Coffee’s acquisition of Bruegger’s Bagels and a story about how Fazoli’s CEO led a turnaround for the chain. In culinary news, word that chef David Chang will debut a burger with a Chinese-style bun at the US Open resonated with SmartBrief readers.

Check out the full list of this week’s 10 most popular food and beverage stories from SmartBrief:

  1. Prices of some Whole Foods items drop by up to 43% following Amazon purchase 
  2. Analyst expects Whole Foods to start carrying more big CPG brands 
  3. Amazon to cut prices, make changes at Whole Foods 
  4. Leaf Brands CEO: We will bid for Nestle’s US candy business 
  5. David Chang debuts burger with Chinese-style bun at US Open 
  6. Food retailers announce hurricane relief programs 
  7. Caribou Coffee to buy Bruegger’s Bagels 
  8. CEO shares Fazoli’s turnaround story 
  9. M&M’s debuts seasonal Cookies and Screeem variety 
  10. Tony Roma’s makes over restaurants, menus 


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