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Improved formulations, a splash of creativity take cream liqueur applications to the next level

Improved cream liqueur formulations, a splash of creativity take cream liqueur applications to the next level
(Image credit: Creamy Creation)

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Once limited by their sweet flavor and unstable formulation, cream liqueurs are gaining fans among chefs and spirits brands. New formulations allow cream liqueurs to be mixed with a range of on-trend ingredients, from fresh fruit juice to sparkling wine. In this interview, Creamy Creation Marketing Manager Floris Daamen discusses the possibilities for cream liqueurs and how the brand teamed with a Michelin-starred chef to create an innovative collection of cream liqueur cocktails.

What trends do you see contributing to growing opportunities for bars and restaurants to utilize cream liqueurs?

Cream liqueurs are no longer considered your grandmother’s drink! The increasing popularity of fresh, creamy cocktails and seasonal applications — combined with the versatility of cream liqueur applications — help bars, restaurants and spirit brands to reach the millennial consumer, who is looking for new spin-off drinks from traditional recipes. Take for example our sparkling cream cocktail, a cream liqueur that is mixable with sparkling wines. Launched at ProWein 2017, sparkling cream is a winning combination offering the best of both worlds. This bubbly combination of sparkling wine and a splash of cream may catch any connoisseur by surprise, but not the adventurous millennial.

Working with cream liqueur brands can put restaurants and spirits brands ahead of the competition. It enables them to tailor the ingredient — and therefore the end product — to the finest detail. Creamy Creation, as a B2B-brand providing best-in-class cream liqueurs, is always looking for spirits brands to partner with in developing new flavors, products and applications to bring to the market.  

Chef Onno Kokmeijer

Onno Kokmeijer, executive chef at Ciel Bleu, a two-star Michelin restaurant in Amsterdam, worked with Creamy Creation to tweak a hibiscus-flavored mixable cream liqueur that is an essential ingredient for the cream and sparkling wine combination. Completed with fresh berry ice cubes, it is served to guests as the Sparkling Summer Feast.

How did the partnership between Creamy Creation and Ciel Bleu inspire the recipe collection for Creamy Creation’s new line of cream liqueur cocktails?

These recipes, which include the Sparkling Summer Feast as well as the Banana Dream and Mocha Latte Liqueur, were made possible thanks to the recent innovations at Creamy Creation, and the possibility to drill down to the deepest level of the product and finetune it with insights from Ciel Blue. Chef Kokmeijer said it is important to immerse diners in an experience and cocktails are a great channel to do that.

What are some of the limitations of working with traditional cream liquors and how does Creamy Creation’s new product line offer a solution?

At Creamy Creation, we have identified three innovative applications for cream liqueur: cream as a cocktail ingredient, cream liqueur for straight-out-of-the-bottle enjoyment and as a splash with sparkling wine. Within these applications, there are a number of difficulties that arise with traditional cream liqueurs. For instance, many cream liqueurs curdle when they are mixed with fruit juices, but Creamy Creation’s R&D department has been able to develop a steady mixable cream liqueur that won’t curdle. This allows it to be mixed with any liquid — whether it is sour juices or hot coffee — or simply enjoyed neat or on-the-rocks.

How can cream liqueurs be used at a wide range of bar and restaurant concepts, both in traditional creamy cocktails but also in more unique ways?

Versatility is key in this matter. A personalized product with a modern taste or a new twist on a familiar flavor profile allows operators to connect with customers in an unprecedented way. Our team can work with restaurants and spirits brands to create premium cocktail offerings that stand out, such as sparkling wine mixed with cream liqueur — which was absolutely impossible a year ago. When we were working with Ciel Blue, Chef Kokmeijer said diners didn’t like to be left with an empty cocktail glass, so he developed the Banana Dream cocktail with bits of banana that absorb the creamy liqueur and can be eaten when the cocktail is finished.

As marketing manager, Floris Daamen is responsible for the development of new concepts and filling the product development pipeline for Creamy Creation.


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