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ICYMI: Most read by educators

(Image credit: Pixabay)
Mindfulness training for teenagers may not be effective in relieving anxiety and depression, according to a study of 308 middle- and high-school students. Data from the study show no improvements in either area during post-tests or follow-ups.
What’s the best way to measure teacher effectiveness — test scores, student happiness and engagement, or a combination of the two? An analysis by University of Maryland researcher David Blazar reveals findings on this topic.
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The US Department of Education intends to eliminate about 600 pieces of guidance determined to be out-of-date or no longer necessary. The move has some concerned that disadvantaged student groups could be negatively affected.
Many high-school students are working on their college-application essays, with some finding that the writing style requires a different approach than the standard five-paragraph essay. Admissions officers and others in this article offer tips for writing the college-application essay.
Low-income parents are more involved in preparing children for school than ever before, according to a study by researchers at the Economic Policy Institute. Still, the analysis of kindergarten-readiness data for 1998 and 2010 show readiness gaps persist between students from low-income families and those from high-income families.