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Top 10: Nestle, General Mills, Amazon top this week’s most popular food and beverage stories

Nestle, General Mills, Amazon top this week's most popular food and beverage stories
(Image credit: (Pixabay))

Over this past holiday week, SmartBrief’s food and beverage readers were most drawn to news that revealed Nestle was the biggest publicly held consumer goods company based on revenue last year. Other CPG stories also ranked well with readers this week, including news of General Mills’ new Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes and Unilever’s strategy to take on competition from smaller companies.

News that covered trends in the food and beverage industry also did well with readers this week. An article detailing an analyst’s prediction that Amazon will acquire Target this year claimed the third spot on this week’s list, while stories covering this year’s global cuisines trend, the strong performance of single-serve snacks and trends on the horizon for food retail in 2018 also garnered clicks.

McDonald’s new Dollar Menu and burgers made from fresh beef and Le Bernardin’s vegetable tasting menu were among the topics of this week’s most popular restaurant stories. Check out this week’s full list of the 10 most-clicked food and beverage stories below:

  1. Nestle tops 2017 list of biggest consumer goods firms
  2. General Mills releases Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes
  3. Could Amazon acquire Target in 2018?
  4. McDonald’s to debut Dollar Menu, fresh-beef burgers
  5. Global cuisines to flavor 2018 food trends
  6. Le Bernardin’s vegetable tasting menu is “creative challenge,” chef says
  7. Single-serve items among snack category’s best performers
  8. Unilever steps up competition against small, local startups
  9. Wegmans seeks permits to move ahead with new N.Y. store
  10. A look ahead at top grocery trends for 2018


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