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What’s hot in health care digital marketing?

Digital marketing in health care

Tech advances are reshaping the health care sector, and marketing is no exception. The biggest changes include the rise of social media communities, increased reliance on voice-driven SEO and the use of video for brand-building and product education.

To better understand these changes, SmartBrief surveyed 159 marketing professionals across the health care and life sciences space on how they connect with their customers.

Many are increasing use of social media for outreach and marketing, primarily on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.[1] SmartBrief found that marketers have embraced Twitter chats, live video from events and thought-leader interviews to raise their organization’s profile. Meanwhile, increased use of voice-search to find products and services, as well as the rise of social media communities, are bringing new opportunities to reach audiences.

As companies update their strategies, it’s important that they have the right tools to measure success. We asked marketers which key performance indicators they use to track campaign efficacy, with preferred KPIs being engagements, conversions and reach.

For digital campaigns, marketers are getting the best results from emails, website content and content marketing. Content marketing is gaining popularity for B2B health care campaigns, as it can provide consumer education, build brand awareness and draw audiences to an organization’s other products.

But it’s important to get that content to the right channels. For health care marketers who plan to add new digital distribution channels in the next six months, LinkedIn is the top priority at 22%. Other channels seen as key for reaching customers include blogs, podcasts, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

Consumers are using a wide variety of digital channels and focusing on high-value, engaging content as they choose products and services. Health care organizations that provide timely, relevant industry updates will position themselves well as an essential resource for their customers. For further insight, read our SmartFocus on Digital Marketing in Health Care white paper.


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