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Regional cheeses give an on-trend twist to Idahoan Foods’ new mashed potato line

Regional cheeses give an on-trend twist to Idahoan Foods' new mashed potato line
(Image credit: (Image: Idahoan Foods))

This post is sponsored by Idahoan Foods.

Global influences have been grabbing the culinary spotlight in recent years, but US consumers are also expressing increased interest in flavors that hit closer to home. Inspired by the growing fervor for US regional flavors, Idahoan Foods recently developed a new line of flavored mashed potatoes called Cheese Across America.

“Ingredients and flavors with strong ties to a specific locale can give consumers the experience of traveling through food to a place they’ve never been or revisiting a favorite taste from past travels,” said Drew Facer, President and CEO of Idahoan Foods. “We knew we could align with our consumers’ interest in regional favorites by offering a lineup of delicious mashed potatoes that feature popular cheeses with strong regional ties.”

According to Facer, product development at Idahoan is always driven by consumer insights. The company has been careful to avoid latching onto buzzworthy ingredients or generating shock value with frequent limited time offerings, remaining focused on staying power through change that is purposeful and consumer-driven.

Idahoan conducted consumer research in various regions of the country to determine the most popular regional mashed potato flavors, and found that cheese pairings rose to the top across the board. Further research then confirmed interest at a national scale in what the brand confirmed were the top three regional favorites — Wisconsin Cheddar, Vermont White Cheddar and Monterey Pepper Jack.

The Wisconsin Cheddar and Vermont White Cheddar varieties both have a mild, creamy cheddar cheese flavor, and the former has a golden color from Wisconsin’s trademark yellow cheddar. The Monterey Pepper Jack Mashed Potatoes get their flavor from slightly spicy pepper jack cheese, which combines a type of cheese originally made by Franciscan friars in Monterey, Calif., with bold peppers and spices borrowed from Latin American cuisine.

While the cheese flavors cover the map, the base of the Cheese Across America line is the same as all of Idahoan’s other mashed potato products. “At Idahoan, we always start with fresh, certified 100% Idaho potatoes from local growers, and it’s no secret that cheese is a delicious pairing with potatoes,” Facer said.

Visit Idahoan’s website to learn more about Cheese Across America and other mashed potato products.


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