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How leaders can hold team members accountable for results and respect?

How leaders can hold team members accountable for results and respect?
(Image credit: Chris Liverani/Unsplash)

How well do your leaders hold people accountable for results and respect daily?

The presence of accountability in organizations boosts productivity, engagement and respect. The absence of it boosts frustration, anger and incivility.

Three proven steps can help you improve accountability.

First, create clear agreements. Clear agreements, formalized and agreed to, ensure that everyone understands what outcomes are due when. Without clear agreements, people are left to figure it out for themselves, which erodes consistent performance.

Clear agreements come in two flavors — results and respect. Great bosses formalize results expectations so that every team leader and team member understands what an “A+ job” looks like for their goals, tasks, and projects.

Great bosses also ensure respectful treatment within the organization by defining how people should treat each other. By specifying behaviors like “I do what I say I will do” and “I validate others’ ideas and efforts,” every team leader and team member knows exactly how to be respectful in every interaction.

In today’s three-minute video episode just for SmartBrief readers and viewers, I describe the next two steps — monitor progress regularly and apply consequences — and include practical application that will help boost performance and civility in your workplace.

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