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Pandemic perspectives from the ICU: Onboarding extra staff

Pandemic perspectives from the ICU: Onboarding extra staff
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Critical Care SmartBrief readers this past week weighed in on the following survey question:

Has your ICU team had to bring in staff from other areas of the hospital amid the COVID-19 pandemic? If so, what’s been most helpful in onboarding these new members?

Their answers:

  • PPE
  • Yes
  • Yes. Previous ICU experience. Decent orientation if unfamiliar with critical care.

See this week’s brief for the next survey question and be sure to submit a response.


Kathryn Doherty has been a health editor with SmartBrief for 15 years. She has covered many facets of the health care industry during that time and currently focuses on physicians, health care providers, nutrition and wellness.

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