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Renewable Energy SmartPod

Hear fun and informative conversations about the people, technologies and trends powering the energy transition.

The Renewable Energy SmartPod
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The Renewable Energy SmartPod offers an inside look at the people, technologies and trends that are powering the energy transition. If you want to hear more about the role renewables are playing to decarbonize the global economy and combat climate change, this is the podcast for you.

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Episode 28: Ocean-Based Climate Solutions and the Blue Economy

Episode 27: How the Inflation Reduction Act will impact wind, battery and solar markets

Episode 26: Renewable energy tax credits and the Inflation Reduction Act

Episode 25: Diving into the SEC’s proposed climate disclosure rules

Episode 24: Does Cryptocurrency Mining Actually Need To Be Cleaned Up?


Episode 23: A Bright Future For Battery Swapping


Episode 22: How Markets in Asia are Tackling Decarbonization


Episode 21: Financing the Energy Transition


Episode 20: Taxes in a time of Energy Transition


Episode 19: Smart Buldings and Load Flexibility


Episode 18: COP26: The Successes, Failures and Surprises


Episode 17: COP26 – Key Takeaways and Quotes from Week 1


Episode 16: COP26 and Energy: A Supercharged Transition


Episode 15: Transmission Talk with ‘Grid Geek’ Rob Gramlich


Episode 14: The ‘Three Ds’ Driving the Energy Transition


Episode 13: Surveying the Renewables Landscape


Episode 12: The Road Ahead for Green Hydrogen


Episode 11: The Growth of Green Hydrogen


Episode 10: SolarAPP+ Takes Off


Episode 9: How to Grow the Green Mortgage Market


Episode 8: Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance CEO Miranda Ballentine


Episode 7: Talking RECs with IncubEx


Episode 6: Changes Ahead for ESG Disclosure


Episode 5: Cloudy Forecast for Solar Power?


Episode 4: Emergency SmartPod – Key takeaways from the Leaders Summit on Climate


Episode 3: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Renewables Industry (featuring Dareem David and Kenneth Labeja)


Episode 2: EDF Renewables President and CEO Tristan Grimbert


Episode 1: A conversation with FERC Chairman Richard Glick



Episode 0: Welcome to the Renewable Energy SmartPod