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Scout Clean Energy’s Rucker surveys the renewables landscape

Scout Clean Energy's Rucker surveys the renewables landscape
(Image credit: SmartBrief)

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Michael Rucker, founder and CEO of Scout Clean Energy, joins the show to talk about the latest news and trends in renewables. Among the many topics we discuss:

  • A massive backlog of interconnection requests in the US
  • How to communicate clearly in the face of NIMBY sentiments to get projects developed
  • The potential for a federal Clean Energy Standard
  • Carbon tax versus tax credits
  • Lessons learned from operating during a pandemic 

Michael’s experience in the industry spans a couple decades, so we also talk about what has changed during that time … what has remained the same … and how he sees things taking shape in the future.

PODBRIEF: A look at recently released reports that paint a clear picture of how much work the US needs to do to fulfill the potential of a successful energy transition.

US Department of Energy: “Solar Futures Study”
Lium: “Biden’s Solar 40% By 2035 Already Falling Short”
GWEC: “Global Offshore Wind Report”